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Oblique EP & Website Update! *.*

Ello! It's been awhile. Dusting off and updating the ol' website, so don't mind the dust. I'll be updating on a more frequent basis.

Life has been fantastic! Since the release of my first EP (Grace) many artistic doors have opened, which has caused me to take my artistic career a lot more seriously. Practice has taken over my life. I've been studying Jazz Theory like crazy and have been implementing new techniques into my composition style. Listen to Juxtapose if you want to hear the different styles I've been playing with. Here's a link:

COVID-19 Has drastically changed how we all exist and function in our daily lives. I hope you're all doing well and taking care of yourselves.

OBLIQUE EP: I'll be sharing tons of pics and teasers as we draw closer and closer to the BIG recording day. I plan to document this experience with tons of videos and pics. Follow me on my socials (links on "Home" page) for updates OR stick around and visit my website weekly for updates.

Love and Tacos!

-Zachariah Julian

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